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Wiki engines

Wiki websites are build with software programmes often referred to as "Wiki" or better "Wiki engines", in order to differentiate them from the Wiki website properly speaking and the Wiki characteristics or their conceptual design.

There are lots of programmes to build Wiki web sites, called Wiki Engines. An overview can be found at Wiki Engines. You should dig on here if you consider yourself a computer freak and want to become a Wiki expert. Leading the list of Top Ten Wiki Engines is the MediaWiki-software used by us.


Our WIKIdeVEGA uses the MediaWiki-software. This is the same software the famous open encyclopaedia Wikipedia is based on, like thousand of other Wikis.

The MediaWiki software offers several important advantages for us:

  • It is free source open source software and can be used legally without paying for it.
  • Is has proven to work reliably in the already mentioned Wikipedia and thousands of other Wikis.
  • The software is constantly enhanced and extended by hundreds of persons.
  • Many people already know this software from the Wikipedia or other projects.