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Your prezi is fine, but I miss a conclusion. On the slide with advantages and disadvantages, the layout isn't clear.


how does it work?

the sun heats our earth unevenly, so some areas are warmer than others. these warm areas of air rise and other air blows to replace it and we feel wind blowing. we can use the energy in the wind by building a tall tower with a propellor on top. these towers we call wind turbines. the blowing wind turns around the propellor and that goes into the generator and the generator generates the electricity. a wind farm is a loation where a lot of wind turbines are together, like that we can generate a lot of electricity.

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This is correct.



Since early recorded history, people have utilized wind energy. In the Past, Persians used it to pump water, grind grain and sailed boats.They did that, early has 5.000 B.C.

The western world discoveres the windmill much later. The windmill consist in a machine that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy, they used it estensively in food production.

Eventually, around 1,000 A.D., wind power technology spread north to European countries such as The Netherlands, which adapted windmills to help drain lakes and marches. Through history, the use of wind power has waxed and waned, and nowhere in history is that more evident than in the last century and a half.

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Please say it in your own words. As wind power has got a long history, I really like that you've added a part about that.



Today we will tell you about wind power. The wind power is the best power in the world because it doesn't pollute, it never ends, gives alot of energy... and many more things to tell my group after. As you know, the wind is a renewable energy source, the wind turbines can convert the wind in electricity, the humans have a big advantage of it because the wind will not stop coming, it's endless.

Our group will now answer this questions.


- How does it work? Explain how electricity is generated with help of your energy source.

- Where can you find “plants” of this source and why?

- Can it be used in the Netherlands or in Spain, why?/why not?

- What is the effect on the environment?


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This is correct?


wind energy in the Netherlands

The dutch people started with the first windmills, they started with those giant wooden things. The netherlands was and is a very good country to build those windmills, because the netherlands is a flat country were the wind blows always. Those first wooden windmills were used to mill, saw, pump and press. But now a days the modern windmills are used to produce wind energy. The harder the wind was blowing the fatser the better the wind mill works. it´s a country with 10,000 windmills, holland now has over 1,000 historic vertical windmills. The modern wind mills are not like the wooden wind mills, they look a bit like big towers with very big propellors, you see them a lot along the coast, because there the wind blows very hard. From there the energy is produce and send in to the whole country. the netherlands is the biggest country for wind energy, if you ask some from outside netherlands to tell the first thing he thinks when he thinks of the netherlands. 1 of the first things he will say is those big wooden wind mills.

advantages of the netherlands:

  • flat country
  • wind blows always
  • along the coast

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The wind mills nowadays are used to produce electricity. The wind is not always blowing.


Where can you find “plants” of this source and why?


  • The best places for wind farms are in coastal areas, at the tops of rounded hills, open plains and gaps in mountains - places where the wind is strong and reliable. Some are offshore, because to be worthwhile, you need an average wind speed of around 25 km/h.
  • Isolated places such as farms may have their own wind generators. In California, several "wind farms" supply electricity to homes around Los Angeles. The towers are tall, to get the propellors as high as possible, up to where the wind is stronger. This means that the land beneath can still be used for farming.
  • The biggest wind farm in the world right now is Alta (Oak Creek-Mojave) in the United States.
  • The biggest wind farm on land in the Netherlands is located in Eemshaven which is in Groningen(in northern Netherlands).
  • The biggest wind farm in Spain is located in Castile and León (can't find the exact location).

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This is correct.


What is the effect of wind power?

Wind farm kenya.jpg


  • Wind is free
  • doesnt produce any wastes
  • The land where the wind propelors are placed on, can usually still be used for farming.
  • Wind farms can be tourist attractions.
  • It is a good method of supplying energy to remote areas.


  • The wind is not always predictable - some days there is no wind so theres no power
  • areas for wind farms are often near the coast, where land is expensive.
  • Some people think that placing these wind towers doesnt look nice.
  • Can kill birds – because some birds like strong winds( but people dont tend to build them on the migration routes
  • Can affect television reception if you live nearby.
  • Can be noisy.
  • People have found evidence of bird and bat deaths from the wind poles due to changes in air pressure caused by the spinning turbines, as well as habitat disruption.

i think that wind power should be used more because its more friendly to the climate then other kind of electricities. and if you build them somewhere where theres wind daily you will have quiet alot of power. you can also use solar power but theres more wind in most counries to use then sun.

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I miss the qadvantages that no carbon dioxide is produced. Also mention that it is renewable.