10 - 17 Jun 2012

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EURO 2012 Agenda

Sunday 10th June: Arrival at Alicante airport and visit to Alicante

The students Jonathan, Erik, Annelie and Micaela, together with their teachers Christer Munthe and Esteban Arraneda, arrive at Alicante airport at 10:05 with flight DY4201 from Stockholm. They are received by Horst Salzwedel. With the van from the college we shall drive downtown Alicante and visit Alicante port and Santa Barbara castle, after having had some fastfood. At 15:30 we shall arrive at the college where we shall meet the families, who take the students to their homes.

2012-06-10 SEenES.jpg

Monday 11th June: Cable Ski and Acualandia

On Monday like all other weekdays we shall meet at 08:00 at the College. On Monday Asier shall guide the students.
First we shall have a little workout in the gym of the college and than we shall have fun with the unique cableski. The afternoon we spend in Acualandia, a water park with many attractions. Like all days, activities shall end at around 16 hours, when you can go home with your fellow students. All Spanish students participate!

08:30 Workout
10:00 Walk to Cableski
10:30 Cableski
12:30 Walk to College
13:00 Lunch at College
13:45 Walk to Acualandia
14:00 Acualandia
17:00 End of activities
20:45 Ukraine-Sweden

Tuesday 12 th June: Benidorm on Segway, and visit of Benidorm Island

We walk along Levante beach towards Benidorm, where we shall arrive at 10:00. Than we shall see Benidorm on Segways, a new experience! In the afternoon we shall visit Benidorm Island by boat.

(08:15 Receive Sandwiches at kitchen)
08:45 Walk to Benidorm Circus Place in order to meet the Segway Guide (only Swedish students and teachers and Horst)
09:00 Segway
11:15 Meet with three Spanish students (Brenda, Shirin and Oscar) at College; walk to Benidorm port
13:00 Boat to Benidorm Island;
14:30 Boat back to Levante beach
14:45 Walk to College
15:30 End of activities
On our segways in Serra Gelada

Wednesday 13th June: Villajoyosa

We are going with the college van to Villajoyosa, a nearby fishermen village. We shall have guided visits to Casa Museo La Barbera dels Aragonés and to the Valor chocolate factory.

08:30 Departure to Villajoyosa by van with Horst
10:45 Museum
12:00 Chocolate factory
13:30 Back to College
14:00 Lunch at College
15:00 Waterfall Algar with the van, including three Spanish students (Brenda, Shirin and Oscar); Christer has to stay behind, unless one of the students can offer transport
18:00 End of activities

Thursday 14th June: Mundomar and Altea

In the morning we visit the amusement park Mundomar. In the afternoon we drive to Altea, a picturesque village.

08:00 Workout at gym
10:00 Departure to MundoMar, walking with Horst
14:30 Back to College
15:00 Lunch at College
16:00 With van to Altea, including three Spanish students (Brenda, Shirin and Oscar); Christer has to stay behind, unless one of the students can offer transport
18:00 End of activities
20:45 Spain-Irland

Friday 15th June: Canoeing in the morning and beach in the afternoon

In the morning you shall go with Asier canoeing in the sea, starting at the Benidorm Marina. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beach. All Spanish students participate!

08:00 Departure to the canoeing activity: walking to Benidorm Marina
10:00 Canoeing on the sea
15:00 Lunch at College
16:00 Afternoon at the beach; End of activities
20:45 Ukraine-England

Saturday 16th Family day

Sunday 17th Travel day

On Sunday morning families bring the students which are traveling back to Sweden together with Christer to school at 08:00. We have to leave early in order to catch the flight back to Stockholm at 10:50 with DY4201 at Alicante airport.