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U wanna sing the text but dont now it? Find it here. More on it at Wikipedia

HELP!...there is plenty (too much?) help, e.g. at:

Help in English: Text pages and Videos: Welcome | Log in | Page tabs | Basic editing | SlideShare
...y ahora también hay una extensa Ayuda en Castellano.

....However, if you are a newbie, keep on reading....

Start here

In order to participate actively in this WIKIdeVEGA
(a) either you must Create an account by yourself, option that shall be available for certain times upon demand,
(b) or you must have been assigned a user name and password by RobertoDiaz@LopedeVega.es, the responsible teacher for informatics at the International School Lope de Vega. Without this you still can read everything and even copy text, but you are not able to edit anything.

Create account

Click on the blue Log in / create account tab on your upper right user links.
This will open a special page, where you are asked to Create an account.
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A special page will open where you are asked to provide a user name, password etc. Fill out the form using full and correct names and an existing email account. Than login to your email account and confirm the account you just created by responding to the email that you should have received meanwhile. Now you are ready to login with your user name / password and edit pages!

Assigned user name

When you have been assigned a user name and password you use them for login. Click on the blue log in tab on your upper right user links. This will open a special page, where you insert your user name and password. Lookout! Both are case sensitive!

Now you can start! It's very easy to edit the contents of a wiki. It only takes a few clicks.

  1. Click the “Edit” at the top of the page.
  2. Make changes to the text.
  3. Click the “Save page” button.

Simple as that!

One more word before we get formal: Unlike in other school subjects at WIKIdeVEGA you are invited to copy. Whenever you find a page with any structure you like to use: copy the page content to your page and fill the structure with your content.


Quiero leer esto en Castellano.


Before you go on, maybe you should glance over your English vocabulary regarding a couple of signs often needed in the Wiki, at English: Punctuation. Might be you want to know What is a wiki? and its characteristics. For beginners we certainly recommend to look at the Novice section of help pages:

Novice section: {{#ask: Wiki User Level::Novice}}

...and according to your progress you may consider to test yourself at:


Once you are familiar with the basics you can step to the next level, becoming a Trainee. As such you know about the inbuilt Mediawiki feature File upload and now might also want to add maps, pictures, videos and others with embedding techniques covered in this section. You may also want to learn more details about images & other files, and how to handle pages. Categories and namespaces are used to structure the Wiki in general, whereas tables help to arrange information in an article. Templates and variables are more sophisticated tools useful to make work more efficient.

Help for wikis on wikis

Issue MediaWiki WIKIMEDIA Wikipedia
Categories Cat@MW Cat@WM Cat@WP
Namespaces NS@MW NS@WM NS@WP
Tables Tab@MW Tab@WM Tab@WP
Templates Tem@MW Tem@WM Tem@WP
Variables Var@MW Var@WM  

About pages: moving · redirecting · deleting · protecting a page.
More about images & other files : @MediaWiki · @WikiMedia
How to embed: Google maps · Picasa albums 1 · SlideShare Presentations · Widgetboxes · YouTube videos · Vimeo videos

1 for Wiki@DonLopedevega I propose to use the established Google account "DonLopeWiki" with the password known to the wiki admins.

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The following parts of this article are still under construction



Wiki in schools

At Wiki in schools we try to summarize the usefulness of wikis in the educational environment.

We thank the persons from the German website http://wiki.zum.de/ for having allowed us to nourish our Portal with ideas, text and templates from their excellent site dedicated to exchange information, experiences and ideas regarding teaching and school.