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Dear Comenius friends:

this 2nd newsletter is a brief on the actual status of our students´ group work realized during October. We continued using our Wiki, some groups with more enthusiasm than others. Please read in the following what we have so far.

In our 1st Newsletter you learned which are the twelve aspects of our W.A.T.E.R. Programme students are looking into. In order to visualize causes and effects between these aspects, we carried out an exercise called problem tree analysis with both participating classes ESO 4A and ESO 4B on Friday 16th, trying to identify which are causes, which are effects, and especially which is the key problem. Some few photos document both the process and results, which may not be very precise (nor is the scheme elaborated by Horst), but certainly reveal main aspects and identify the Altered water cycle being the key problem.

Problem tree elaborated by ESO 4A
Problem tree elaborated by ESO 4B