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This is the starting page for our Comenius Interim Programme September 2010 - April 2011, as agreed upon during our meeting in Zwolle in April 2010 and stated in the respective meeting protocol, to which we recommend to refer in order to recall details according to which we have prepared the Wiki.
Here's what you are supposed to do, step by step. For everything you'll find help in English here.

Participating countries Comenius Interim Programme
  Click on flag to open list of participants: Fr.gif   Nl.gif   Se.gif   Es.gif   800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png 

Create account

IMPORTANT: Account creation only will be possible during those days and hours agreed upon with Comenius partners upfront vía e-mail to Horst Salzwedel.

Please open the link called Login and follow the instructions. In case you need help, please look into Help: Create Account. Important for the account creation in order to facilitate user management and structuring of the students' contributions is that User names are real names and follow this scheme:

TwoLetterCountryCode.FirstName.Lastname = FR.Prénom.Nom | NL.VoorNaam.AchterNaam | SE.FörNamn.EfterNamn | TR.Isim.Soyadı.
For Spanish students the user name does NOT include the country code but three letters in order to distinguish the two participating colleges Lope de Vega and Almadrava: LdV.Nombre.Apellido | Alm.Nombre.Apellido
In case of two persons with exact First- and LastNames please add anything to distinguish them at the end, like the second Lastname or a number.

Once you have succesfully created your Wiki account please do not forget to access your e-mail account and confirm the recently created Wiki account by clicking on the first blue link in the emial you should have received from Roberto Díaz and also please DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD. In case you did, please advise Horst Salzwedel.

It also would be kind if you would add your name to the respective country list of participantes, indicated above by the respective flags.

Creating user page

Once you have created your user account and confirmed it you are enabled to edit pages. Respective help for editing you find here. Your second step should be to create your user page. You'll find it at the top of the Wiki page next to the user icon Icon-User.png‎ and before its first usage your user name should be red . You click on it and edit it like any other page. After that it will appear in blue letters, indicating that it has some text now.

Please remember that the minimum information the user page should contain is: age, likings, hobbies, and photo, if feasible observing national and international guidelines regarding the protection of personal data. Please feel free to add any other information without revealing any facts that might lead to missuse.
Deadline: 1st October 2010

Writing diary on user page

In a separate section of your user page please write the diary for a normal school day, as detailed as possible, and with specific values for:

  1. amount of meat eaten in grams;
  2. water used taking a shower in minutes (possibly converted later to liters of water);
  3. number of sheets of writing paper used: and
  4. usage of electric devices (like TV, PC, mobile phone) in minutes of usage.

Deadline: 19st November 2010

Involving parents: The diaries should be revised by the parents and "signed" and/or commented by them. This may be done either in a brief, signed writing, forwarded to the respective teacher, or directly in the Wiki, using the same account as their child and marking it with something like "....father/mother of..." in order to indicate that the respective text was made by them.

Reading of diaries

Every student should have read four diaries and made two clearing questions on the respective Discussion page following these conventions.
Deadline: 15st January 2011

Reading and answering of questions

The students should have read and answered the questions addressed to them.
Deadline: 1st February 2011

Averages calculated and published

Averages per student from each participating country of the given amounts for meat eaten, shower time, etc. have been calculated and published on the Wiki by teachers in charge. Details on procedures shall be provided on time.
Deadline: 1st March 2011

Averages discussed and commented

Published averages have been discussed in classrooms with students and comments have been made on respective Wiki pages, being the latter optional. It is up to each participating country to work further on the results obtained till this point and communicate them to participating parties via the Wiki, if they would like to do so. Details on procedures shall be provided on time.

Deadline: 1st April 2011