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Solutions to the effects of global warming on water management from a political point of view.
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Political aspects/Spain  Es.gif : The present page shall contain the political solutions agreed upon between the three groups from Spain. Deadline: 2010 Feb 26
Political aspects/Spain/Group 1
Political aspects/Spain/Group 2
Political aspects/Spain/Group 3

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are energetic, but are exploited, not diminish their resources as concerning the human timescale. Wind, solar radiation, heat internal land can used and there appears to decrease in intensity and quantity energy that can be produced. Do not cease their use in the unlike the fossil, which have limited resources and are depleted due to our high consumption.

Development of public transport

In 2014 it will carry out a project which will demonstrate the technical feasibility and economics of energy in an electric car. They are going to develop electric cars with a new fuel that reduces a large amount of CO2 emissions today. Another plan called VIVE car is another measure that will be extended until 2010 and will renovate about 240,000 vehicles over 15 years. This will cause you considerable savings in oil consumption and improved road safety.

Some cities in which there is much pollution should take steps to boost public transport use. For example, you could start using the use of trams, which would lead many citizens to leave the car to take this medium in reducing CO2 emissions.


An equipment of investigation has discovered a variety of bacteria that can transform certain toxic wastes into components as the salt of table and other inoffensive chemists. It can be a new source of an essential gas for the life. From toxin to salt of table: investigators say that the bacteria can eat toxic tailing.

Energy control

One possible solution for energy control is the social awareness, without which the projects were not carried out. Another important aspect is that there is political corruption and prevent conflicts over water. The new projects are very important on the water project that is sustainable must ensure several aspects, for example, that does not pollute water, air or soil and must be done so that new generations to meet their needs through its use. También el gobierno de cada país debería controlar el consumo del agua para que la concienciación fuera más rápida

Increased penalties for pollution

Implement a media campaign to educate people and take their orders for the time to adopt and begin to implement new sanctions against polluters. Punish companies that dump waste in public as a source of environmental pollution. The fines for polluting by pulling or burning trash and pollute the vehicles are very low with equivalent amounts of up to five minimum wages, so together with the aldermen are considering this point. Currently are increasing fines for excessive water consumption. But, should increase much more because it gives the rich pay a little more equal. Thus, we would get people to stop the uncontrolled spending some much needed water that makes us.

Reduction In emissions of CO2

Solar power and electricity generated by wind can replace fossil fuels.

  • Hydropower, where appropriate, could make a major contribution to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases ... but the use of hydropower is limited by its impact on human settlements and river systems.

Wind turbines can partially replace the generation of fuel-based electricity.

  • The use of biomass as an energy source-for example, firewood, alcohol fermented from sugar, fuel oils extracted from soybeans and methane gas from landfills, can help cut emissions of greenhouse gases but used only if vegetation is replaced by an equivalent amount of new plants (so that the carbon dioxide released by biomass combustion is recaptured through photosynthesis).
  • Nuclear power produces virtually no greenhouse gas, but due to public concern over security issues, transport and disposal of radioactive waste, the responsible use of nuclear energy will remain limited.
  • There are now new technologies that allow "capture" the carbon dioxide emitted by power plants based on fossil fuels, and do so before it reaches the atmosphere. Then carbon dioxide is stored in underground tanks and empty oil or gas in abandoned coal deposits in the deep ocean. This approach, which is already used in limited form, is not exactly "rolling" and is considering what the possible risks and environmental impacts.

How to reduce CO2:

  • Use energy saving light bulbs.
  • Use your car less, walk more and use bicycles and public transport.
  • Avoid consuming products with too much packaging.
  • Recycle everything possible.
  • Turn off appliances when not In use
  • Saving water
  • Insulate the home and workplace
  • Moderate the use of heating and air conditioning

Geographical aspects

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Economical aspects

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Social aspects

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Political aspects

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