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Group 1: Food: The way you try to tell it, is for me not possible to understand. Could you tell me the cause of Global Warming that make fish disappear from the oceans and seas? Pollution: The way it goes is good, but in poor countries they can’t pay the extra-amount. Can you give them a good solution what they can do?

Proposal 3: Good solution. Nothings to add.

Group 2: Famine: Good solution. Only we need is the choice of the people. Only they can say they want to join UNICEF to help peoples with houses and jobs. Natural disasters : Financially prepared is a good solution for countries that have more chances on natural disasters, but the rich countries don’t give money while there’s no disasters. I think because when they give, the countries don’t spend this money on material destructions.

Group 3: Proposal 3 : I think this also. But rich countries can’t afford to spend money to countries where they can’t profit from.


Group 1: Economic problems: Good solutions and good text. and tables that there are, are very useful.

Group 2: We have been CFL bulbs , we have instead Saving lamps. Good information. And a good movie.

Group 3: The pictures are very good. Good that you have examples. They have good resources. Good text.


Group 1:

Proposal 1: Pity that there are no pictures or movies.

Proposal 2 : Its good information about natural disasters and heavy rain. We don’t have tips sorry.

Proposal 3 : It's good, but there’s not much information.

Group 2: Proposal 1: Good problems and a good text, but maybe you could use some pictures. you say something about floods, but what is the solution to do that. It’s not in.

Group 3 : Proposal 1 :

One solution is to stop the car to go somewhere and instead travel by bus, train or bicycle. It is a good solution but I do not think people do because it is easier to take the car to go and you do not have to walk or bike before you ride the bus or train can go. I also think it good solutions. Maybe you can use some pictures or a movie.