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All Spanish students may participate during the whole week in all activities!

Tuesday 2 June: Arrival at Alicante airport

15:00 Arrival from Stockholm with the students Laura, Sandra, Elin, Tara, Johan and Oliver, together with their teacher Esteban Arraneda. They are received by Horst.
16:30 Arrival at the college, welcome by the Director Doña Áurea
17:00 Meeting the families, who take the students to their homes

Wednesday 3 June:

Students bring lunch package; Teachers: Esteban and Asier
10:00 Students meet at the entrance of Terra Mítica
20:00 End of activities ; transport back to families on individual basis

Monday 27th May: Benidorm, Canoeing and Benidorm Island

Students bring lunch package; Teachers: Esteban and Asier
08:00 We walk along Levante beach towards Benidorm
10:00 Canoeing in the sea
13:00 Trip to Benidorm Island
15:00 Back by boat to Levante beach; End of activities

Tuesday 28 th May: Cable Ski and Mundomar

Teachers: Esteban; Asier in the morning and Horst in the afternoon
08:00 Workout at Gym
10:30 Walk to Cableski
11:00 Cableski
13:30 Walk to College
14:00 Lunch at College
15:00 Walk to MundoMar
15:30 MundoMar (Show sea lions at 16:00 and show dolphines at 17:15)
18:00 End of activities

Wednesday 29th May: Fuentes de Algar

Teachers: Esteban and Horst
08:00 Workout at Gym
09:00 Free morning at Levante beach
13:00 Walk to College
13:30 Lunch at College
14:30 Departure with school van and one private car to Fuentes de Algar
17:30 Back to the College, end of activities

Thursday 30th May: Acualandia

Students bring lunch package; Teachers: Esteban, Horst accompanies the group till the entrance, Asier joins the group in the afternoon
08:00 Workout at gym
09:30 Walk to Acualandia
10:00 Acualandia
16:00 Walk back to College; End of activities

Friday 31st May: Trekking and Orla

Students bring lunch package; Teachers: Esteban and Asier
08:00 Start trekking
14:00 Back o College
15:00 Lunch at College
16:00 Preparing for ORLA
18:00 Participation in ORLA

Saturday 1st June: Family day

Sunday 2nd June: Travel day

Students bring lunch package
12:00 parents leave students at school; transport to Alicante airport with school van (Horst)
14:55 Departure flight DY5513 from Alicante airport