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== 17 April - Eindhoven==
== 17 April - Eindhoven==
:Morning: Philips museum with a science activity
:Morning: Working on the project.
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File:Up early to work on the project.JPG
File:Working on the debate.JPG
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          Philips museum with a science activity
:Afternoon: Swimmingpool 'de Tongelreep'
:Afternoon: Swimmingpool 'de Tongelreep'

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16 April Travel day

04:15: Departure by bus from Lope de Vega
07:00: Departure from Alicante airport with RyanAir Flight FR7522, arriving at Eindhoven at 09:40
10:00: Reception and travel by bus to Oss
11:00: Games at Maasland College
13:30: Treasure hunt in Oss
15:30: Parents pick up the pupils at Maasland College

17 April - Eindhoven

Morning: Working on the project.
         Philips museum with a science activity
Afternoon: Swimmingpool 'de Tongelreep'

18 April - Family day

19 April - Nijmegen

12:00: Picknick at school
14:00: Climbing in Nijmegen (travel by train)

20 April - Project work at school

21 April - Amsterdam

Morning: Science Center NEMO with a workshop electric cars
Afternoon: Anne Frank museum and free time

22 April - Work, free time and disco

Morning: Project work at school
Afternoon: Free
Evening: Disco

23 April - Departure

08:00: Departure from Maasland College by bus
10:05: Departure from Eindhoven airport with RyanAir FR7523
12:40: Arrival at Alicante airport, reception by families