Erasmus+ 2014

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Comenius 2011-13: Participating Colleges

Fr.gif France: Collège Saint Pierre and Lycée Saint Pierre
Nl.gif Netherlands: Van der Capellen Scholengemeenschap
Es.gif Spain: International College Lope de Vega
Se.gif Sweden: Österåkers gymnasium

Former Comenius programmes

Preparatory Conference 23 - 26 March 2014

Monday 24th March

This is a summary of the meeting agenda, dynamics and results of the 24th March 2014.

Preparatory Conference 23 - 26 March 2014 at Lope de Vega, Benidorm, Spain. Welcome and Meeting Objectives
Participants: Silvia Berenguer, Ana Todolí, Daniela Rigamonti, Lida Balloni, Áurea González, Peter Romboli, Mary Anne Söderberg, Jonas Gustafsson, Joaquín Baldo, Mario Gómez, Javier Ilardia; Foto: Horst Salzwedel
Agenda Monday
Agenda Tuesday _ PLACEHOLDER
Participating entities: Some key facts
Participating entities: Mary Anne for Sweden
Participating entities: Javier for the Business & Marketing School
Participating entities: Javier for the Business & Marketing School
General information and goals of Erasmus+ PLACEHOLDER
Award criteria
Specifics Key Action 2
Problem tree examplePLACEHOLDER
Solution tree example
Identifying the Central problem
Ranking of the central problem
The central problem: Students lack the skills and key competencies that are needed to take ownership of their futures
The problem tree

Tuesday 25th March

Facilitation, documentation and photos by Horst Salzwedel.