Erasmus+ 2014

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Former Comenius programmes

Preparatory Conference 23 - 26 March 2014

Monday 24th March

This is a summary of the meeting agenda, dynamics and results of the 24th March 2014.

Preparatory Conference 23 - 26 March 2014 at Lope de Vega, Benidorm, Spain. Welcome and Meeting Objectives
Participants: Silvia Berenguer, Ana Todolí, Daniela Rigamonti, Lida Balloni, Áurea González, Peter Romboli, Mary Anne Söderberg, Jonas Gustafsson, Joaquín Baldo, Mario Gómez, Javier Ilardia; Foto: Horst Salzwedel

Meeting Agenda

Agenda Monday
Agenda Tuesday

Participating entities

Participating entities: Some key facts
Participating entities: Mary Anne for Sweden
Participating entities: Javier for the Business & Marketing School
Participating entities: Javier for the Business & Marketing School

General information Erasmus+

General information and goals of Erasmus+
Award criteria

Specifics Key Action 2

Specifics Key Action 2

Problem - Solution tree examples

Problem tree example
Solution tree example

The Central problem

Identifying the Central problem
Ranking of the central problem
The central problem: Students lack the skills and key competencies that are needed to take ownership of their futures

The problem tree

The problem tree

Tuesday 25th March

The solution tree

Working on the solutions
The solution tree

Some key agreements

Application elements and some contributions
Some key agreements

Áurea explains her general view of the project

Áurea preparing her contribution
Áurea explaining her view of the project

Main objective, desired skills, expected outputs, key actions

Main objective and desired skills
Expected outputs and key actions requiered

Some proposed actions and mobilities

Some proposed actions...
...and mobilities

Facilitation, documentation and photos by Horst Salzwedel.