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How does it work?

Heat from the earth can be used as an energy source in many ways, from large and complex power stations to small and relatively simple pumping systems. This heat energy, known as geothermal energy, can be found almost anywhere—as far away as remote deep wells in Indonesia and as close as the dirt in our backyards. Ground-source heat pumps.

A much more conventional way to tap geothermal energy is by using geothermal heat pumps to provide heat and cooling to buildings. Also called ground-source heat pumps, they take advantage of the constant year-round temperature of about 50°F that is just a few feet below the ground’s surface. Either air or antifreeze liquid is pumped through pipes that are buried underground, and re-circulated into the building. In the summer, the liquid moves heat from the building into the ground. In the winter, it does the opposite, providing pre-warmed air and water to the heating system of the building.


- What is the effect on the environment? All these fuels release carbon dioxide, a dangerous greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Most scientists agree that this is causing global warming.

A small part of electricity generation comes from nuclear power plants. There are great difficulties in storing waste from nuclear power plants, and there is danger for spillage and leakage.

Renewable energy sources are far better for the environment:

  • Solar Power
  • Hydro-electric power
  • Wind Power
  • Tidal Power
  • Ocean Wave Power
  • Geothermal Power
  • Ocean Thermal Power


- Can it be used in the Netherlands or in Spain, why? Yes because Dutch poeple create a TNO organizaison

This independent research organization was established in 1932 to support companies and governments with innovative, practicable knowledge.The TNO organizacion cost 50 billion euro Number of employees: 5,400

Interest is booming: Currently over 80 permits granted by the Ministry of Economic affairs Market needs • Geological properties and uncertainties •Independent analysis and information • Overview potential areas and ‘hot spots’ • Performance assessment • Economic feasibility • Quickscan • Control; Second opinion


What do you need for geothermal power?

  • Heat from the earth

Heat from the earth.jpeg

  • Permeability
  • Water

Is the Netherlands or Spain able to provide al those resources????

The heat in the earth is not distributed over the earths surface. As example in Iceland you have temperatures of 200 degrees at an depth of 1000 meters but in the Netherlands the earth has an temperature of 40 degrees at the same depth.

Geothermal Power.jpeg


science project :How can we generate electricity? : 2t H/V "Explain how electricity is generated with help of your energy source" from the heat of the earth is a certain kind of energy forced and that energy is called geothermal energy. it can be found anywhere , all over the world. it is now also made/used all over the world.the global warming damages the world and our health. the US genarates the most geothermal energy in the world. Eighty percent of this capacity is in California, where more than 40 geothermal plants provide nearly 5 percent of the state’s electricity. In thousands of homes and buildings across the United States, geothermal heat pumps also use the temperatures just underground to heat and cool buildings, nicely and inexpensively.

Geothermal Energy