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¡Bienvenidos a la Wiki de Vega! · Welcome to the Wiki de Vega!
Fiel a nuestro lema "Tradicionalmente innovadores" en Abril 2009 lanzamos este proyecto educativo para fomentar la comunicación, cooperación y transparencia entre los miembros de nuestra comunidad educativa.
Devoted to our motto "Traditionally innovative" in April 2009 we launched this educational project to promote communication, cooperation and transparency among the members of our school community.

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Intercambio cultural · Cultural exchange 2013-14
País · Country Curso· Grade Ida · Our journey Acogida · Reception
Países Bajos · The Netherlands 2º ESO · Grade 8 Salida/Departure Alicante: Tue./Mar. 8 Apr 2014 FR7522 15:00 – 17:50
Sal./Dep. Eindhoven Tue./Mar. 15 Apr 18:15 – 20:50
Programa / Programme
Llegada/Arrival Alicante: Dom./Sun. 28 Sep. 2013 12:50 FR7523
Salida/Dep. Alicante Dom./Sun. 05 Oct. 2012 07:00 FR7522
Programa / Programme
Francia · France 3º ESO · Grade 9 Salida/Dep. Alicante Sab./Sat. 17 May 2014 08:35 EasyJet 1426; Llegada/Arrival Ginebra 10:35
Salida/Dep. Ginebra Dom./Sun. 24 May 2014 06:00 EasyJet 1425; Llegada/Arrival Alicante 08:00
Programa / Programme
Llegada/Arrival Alicante: Lun./Mon. 17 Marzo 2014 a las 12:50 EasyJet 1425
Salida/Dep. Alicante Lun./Mon. 24 Marzo 2014 a las 13:25 EasyJet 1426
Programa / Programme
Los intercambios culturales duran dos semanas: un viaje de una semana de nuestros estudiantes a uno de los colegios socios, y una semana en la cual recibimos a los estudiantes del otro país. Los estudiantes viven con la familia del estudiante de intercambio, y el programa consiste de actividades culturales y de ocio. Cultural exchanges last two weeks: one week our students visit one of our partner schools, and one week in which we receive the students from the other country. Students live with the families of the exchange students, and the program consists of cultural and leisure activities La excepción es el viaje a Suiza, donde nuestros estudiantes viven en el internado. The exception is the journey to Switzerland, where our students live in the boarding-school.

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Intercambios de larga duración · Long term exchanges
El Colegio Internacional Lope de Vega promueve el intercambio estudiantil de larga duración de uno a tres meses con nuestros colegios socios en Suecia, Francia y Italia. Pueden aplicar estudiantes a partir de 3º de la ESO que tengan muy buen nivel general, y que desean aprender o mejorar el idioma del país de intercambio. Al igual a los intercambios culturales, nuestro estudiante está hospedado en una familia del otro país, cuyo hijo o hija en torno vendrá a Benidorm para ser recibido por la familia del estudiante nuestro. Durante la estadía el estudiante se debe integrar a lo máximo en la vida escolar, familiar y social del otro país, lo que incluye la aceptación y respecto de las normas y reglas correspondientes. Lo mismo se exige al estudiante que visita en torno nuestro Colegio. Los costos adicionales involucrados para los padres son mínimos y consisten prácticamente sólo en los billetes para el vuelos internacionales.

The International College Lope de Vega promotes long-term student exchange from one to three months with our partner schools in Sweden, France, and Italy. Students may apply as of grade 9, having a very good general level and if they want to learn or improve the respective language. Likewise as with the cultural exchange programme, our students are staying in the family of the other country, whose son or daughter will come to Benidorm to be received by our student's family. During the stay, our student is supposed to integrate the most in school, family and social life, including the acceptance and respect of standards and corresponding rules. The same is expected from the student during his visit to our College. Additional costs for the parents involved are minimal and consist almost exclusively on tickets for international flights.

De las experiencias anteriores podemos ofrecer lo que escribieron / From former experiences we can offer what has been written by: (1) Rasmus de Suecia durante tres meses en Benidorm, (2) Alba, Dagmar and Natalie en sus tres meses en Hassfurt, Alemania., (3) Patricia, Victor y Carles seis semanas en Francia, (4) Mireia and Rosabel four weeks in Italy, (5) Sophia y Theresa tres meses en España, (6) Carlos, Dagmar, Kimberly, Lidia, Natalie, Nicole 6 semanas en Francia, (7) Alice e Itziar 4 semanas en Italia, (8) Audena 6 semanas en Suecia, (9) Sara y Moisés 6 semanas en Francia, (10) Nicole y Lidia 4 semanas en Italia.

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Proyectos interescolares · Interscholastic projects
Además de la cooperación en el marco de Comenius llevamos a cabo proyectos interescolares con nuestros colegios socios con el fin de promover la comunicación intercultural y otras habilidades. Apart from cooperation within the framework of Comenius we conduct interscholastic projects with our college partners in order to promote intercultural communication and other skills.
País · Country Año · Year Proyecto· Project
Alemania · Germany 2011 Religion 2011
Países Bajos · The Netherlands 2011-12 Electricity in Europe 2011-12
Países Bajos · The Netherlands 2012-13 Electricity in Europe 2012-13
Países Bajos · The Netherlands 2013-14 Electricity in Europe 2013-14
Países Bajos · The Netherlands 2014-15 Electricity in Europe 2014-15

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Cultural experience: Enjoy one unforgettable week in Spain
The Lope de Vega Cultural Programme offers students of different nationalities and backgrounds the possibility to develop values and socio-cultural abilities nowadays essential to the formation of our children in an ever more competetive world, through a unique programme in a secure and protected environment in one of the most famous tourist centres of Europe: Benidorm, Spain. Read more about us, where we are and what we offer.
And look at the testimonies of former experiences: Locos por Benidorm - Crazy for Benidorm.

Basic program for one week (it is possible to vary the duration of the stay):

  • Accommodation: 7 days/6 nights - full board accomodation in double rooms, assistance and security 24 hours
  • Spanish language and culture, sports and games
    • 8 hours inmersion in Spanish language and culture
    • Exchange of experiences in several academic areas according to the students level
    • Intercultural workshops: recovery of traditional games
    • Use of all school sports facilities: swimming pool, gymnasium, paddel court, amongst others
  • Cultural & technical visits
    • Introduction of the local authorities: a visit to the City Council and City of Benidorm
    • Social, economic and cultural reality of Benidorm: a technical visit to a hotel
    • Introduction to Sustainable development I: a guided visit to the local Natural Park Serra Gelada
    • Introduction to Sustainable development II: a visit to MundoMar Theme Park

A wide range of optional artistic and sports activities are offered, organized and monitored by specialists on our own Sports facilities.

What makes us different: Each group will have personal attention according to its neccesities. Over 50 years experience dedicated to global education are at your service.
Contact us via Email:, phone: +34 965 854 150, or fax: +34 965 867 943