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How does the nuclear power works

-A nuclear reactor produces and controls the relase of energy from splitting the atoms of uranium.

-Risks of nuclear power:


-The principal risks associated with nuclear power arise from health effects of radiation.

-Radioactive Waste:

-The radioactive waste products from the nuclear industry must be isolated from contact with people for very long time periods.

-Other Radiation Problems:

The effects of routine releases of radioactivity from nuclear plants depend somewhat on how the spent fuel is handled. A typical estimate is that they may reduce our life expectancy by 15 minutes.

I think that you can do better

Comment of Ms. Doolaard:

You should focus on the question how the electricity is produced. So the nuclear reaction produces heat; that is the only thing you have to saynabout the reaction. But how is this heat used to make electricity? One of the main problems of nuclear energy is the nuclear waste that is produced, according to me. Try to find more information about that: - what health problems does it cause? - How do you have to store it and for How long exactly? Please think about the consequences of this.


Comment of Ms. Doolaard

Where is your contribution?


Comment of Ms. Doolaard

Where is your contribution?

Stijn M

-what is the effect on the environment?

Nuclear power has at least four waste streams that may harm the environment:

Spent nuclear fuel at the reactor site (including fission products and plutonium waste) Tailings and waste rock at uranium mines and mills Releases of small amounts of radioactive isotopes during reactor operation Releases of large quantities of dangerous radioactive materials during accidents

Commentaar of Ms. Doolaard

What are the consequences of radioactivity on humans, animale and plants. What does this mean for haring radioactive waste and accident switch nuclear power plants?


Comment of Ms. Doolaard

Where is your contribution?


Comment of Ms. Doolaard

Where is your contribution?