Nuclear power 2014

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Hello, today we are going to present you, a presentation about nuclear power. We are going to exlapin:

How it works? Where you can you find “plants” of the saurce and why? If it can be used in Netherlands or in Spain and why or why not? What is the effect on the environment?

We worked in a group of 7 people, and everyone had to answer a question about the nuclear power.

Now we will explain to you how it works: 2nd part:

High pressure prevents water in the reactor vessel from boiling. The super-heated water is carried to a steam generator, which is made up of many small pipes. The water from the reactor is pumped back into the reactor vessel and reheated. The steam from the turbine is machine in a condenser and the resulting water is sent back to the steam generator. As of March 1, 2011, there were 443 operating nuclear power reactors spread across the planet in 47 different countries.