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General information

The Quinton House School (on Google map) ....

Address: Quinton House School, Upton Hall, Northampton, County of Northamptonshire, NN5 4UX, England (in Wikipedia)
Tel / Fax: 01604 752050 / 581707
Web: http://www.quintonhouseschool.co.uk/

Contact: Exchange program: Elizabeth Ginns and Sandip Kaur


We started our cooperation in 2014 with visits of Áurea Gonzalez and Beverly Round to the Quinton House College in....and Elizabeth Ginns and Sandip Kaur to our College in July. During these visits the future exchange program was agreed upon.

Cultural exchange program envisaged

It is planned to start the exchange with 10 students of grade 9 and 10, equivalent to 3 - 4th ESO / S10-11. Like with our other exchange programs it will consits of one week travelling to England and one week of coming the English students to Benidorm. However, due to administrative restrictions that apply in the UK, students will not be allowed to stay at the families homes. Instead they have to stay at our boarding facilities and in England they might stay at a Bed & Breakfast or a camp site, eg Billing Aquadrome.
Program proposals are in the making. According to the season in Benidorm the program may include visits to Benidorm, Valencia, cable ski, a water park, Villajoyosa, etc. In England it is planned to have a visit to the Silverstone racing circuit, and the city of London.

Contact Lope de Vega: BeverlyRound@LopedeVega.es and Horst.Salzwedel@LopedeVega.es

School systems and holidays

Fr - Lycée Saint-Pierre· It - I.I.S.S. C.E. Gadda · Nl - Maasland College · Se - Österåkers gymnasium