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[Tidal power]

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* What is the effect on the environment ?

Tidal power hasn't got a large environmental impact. the environment is changed for many miles upstream and downstream. The impacts are : 

- Fish can't migrate, unless "fish ladders" are installed. - Many birds rely on the tide uncovering the mud flats so that they can feed. - The frames of the turbines could lead to the disruption in movement of large marine animals and ships through the channels on which the barrage is built. - Construction of tidal power plant can also disrupt the fish migration in the oceans. - It could kill fish population when they are passing through the turbines. -


Can it be used in the Netherlands or in Spain, and why? Yes, it can be used here. In both lands is enough water and the generator needs to be in the water. Maybe you think now, why does it needs to be in the water? Now that is because the water is 832 times denser than air, so that means that an 8 knot tidal current has more energy than a 380kph wind. So, now you know why it is more handy to have the generator in the water. But the water needs to be of course, deep enough. At the beach is always not immediately very deep. And the generator can be 2 squared meters - 100 squared metres, so you can't place it there, and it wouldn't be safe to because there swim people. So it needs to be further into the sea.

You can see us here working on the project Us working.jpg



Subject: How does it work?

Tidal power is used in the water and with turbines. The turbines can be as big as 2 m2 to 100 m2.