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Hello my name is Carmen and I'm very exiting with my exchange
Hello my name is Carmen and I'm very exiting with my exchange
What is the biomass?
Biomass is energy that is stored in organic, biological material made from the sun made by living organisms. Plants use energy from the sun to convert into energy. This is done during the process of photosynthesis.
    What are the effects on the environment?
Improvement and environmental conservation is evident with proper management and proportional. The use of biomass collaborates with control and emission reduction
It expensive?
It is usually not expensive because most people don't use it in mass proportions. Usually, it is only used in a small scale and doesn't cost a lot.
Also, the Biomass is very effective in preventing fires and pests, forest clearing
How much electricity is generate in one plant?
plant produces 200,000 kWh annually, to say that is 25 MW. It brings a lot of security and stability to the system and the network. Generate power guaranteed.
Are you dependent of other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this energy source?
Not,biomass can be used in the netherland or in spain because in the netherlands or in spain there are trees and they can take trees and burn it into energy
Biomass is a renewable energy because it is good and helps the environment and it is cheap
Is it renewable?
biomass is renewable because it gets its energy from the sun and trees and crops, etc. is is renewale because you can take trees or crops whatever you want. trees and crops grows fast enough so that you can take it. biomass is the most renewable energy source of the world. it is the photosynthesis of light. the most biomass source is the wood from trees. wood is used by human to producing energy for heating and cooking for a very long time.
·It makes sense to use waste materials where we can.
·The fuel tends to be cheap.
·Less demand on the fossil fuels.
·Collecting or growing the fuel in sufficient quantities can be difficult.
·We burn the biofuel, so it makes greenhouse gases just like fossil fuels do.
·Some waste materials are not available all year round.

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Hello my name is Carmen and I'm very exiting with my exchange