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My name is Constance, I'm 13 years old. I live in Rhones Alpes in France. I like music ( Lady GaGa, Black eyes peas, Rihanna). I play violin since 8 years. I play golf every sunday. I've got 2 sisters( Jeanne and Alice) I like dancing and playing on my Wii console because it's funny !!!! I have a lot of friends ( Eloise, Elsa, Valentine, Adelaide,Maelys ...) and my best friend is Marine. I've been to England this year for an exchange in Barnet near London with my school

For one day, I ate one staek, 4 glass of water, 30 minutes for my shower, I play one hour to just dance 2 on my wii !!!!!!!!!!! I used my mobile phone. I used 10 pages of paper.