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Hello! My name is María Belenkova. I'm a student of the Lope de Vega internacional school.

I'm Russian and I have been in Spain since I have four years old, I arrived to Lope De Vega in October of 2000 and I learnt spanish very quickly so now I haven't got Russian accent. Now you will read some of my tastes

My favorite color: BLACK and red

My favorite book: I don't have..but i love the writer Stephen King.

Music: Metalcore, Bullet for my Valentine, Bring me the horizon..SYSTEM OF A DOWN


Hobbies: Dance, I'm a Line Dance dancer and I travel around the world participating in differents championships. I'm Spanish and French champion and also.. I'm European Champion. [1]

Yo.jpeg Maria belenkova 15.jpg

If you want to know more about this style of dance... [2]

My favourite movie: Corpse Bride (Tim Burton)


My favourite subject:English and science

Well.. if you think "this girl is so strange".. don't worry! I don't bite!

Why I put a photo of Dublin? because I love this city, in 2008 I travel to Ireland for the European Championship of Line Dance and I feel in love of that city! It's cultural and beautiful, I want live there.

Dublin.jpg Baile.jpg

I hope you like my page!