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My name is Mario Gomez Prieto. I teach the subjects: Research Monograph (TMI), Technical Drawing and Plastic and Visual Education. I am also working on the Digital Journal of College (DLD) to students who like to edit videos, take pictures and write. Para disfrutar nuestro periódico digital...Enjoy!



My favorite color is: Navy Blue o Black.

My favorite music is: Jeff Buckley, Pasión Vega, Lisa Gerrard, Manu Katcheé...

My favorite book is: "Seda" by Alessandro Baricco.

My favorite movie is: "Chihiro´s Journey", Hayao Miyazaki.

I hate: hear a fly while reading a movie

I love: silence after a long noise.

I would like: play drumms.

My place in the World: ...still investigating. I like Aramunt(Lleida)


Shihiro.jpg Jeffbukcley.jpg Bateria.jpg Alesandrobariccio.jpg