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Hi Charlotte, this is the text you put on a Help page where it certainly was pu by you by mistake:

Solutions to the global warming from an economic point of view

If the carbon dioxide emissions keep on rising it will lead to mayor consequences. With extreme storms and tornados it will cost a lot of money. For example the hurricane Catrina over the USA, we need to find solutions for this problem. These are our solutions for the global warming.

  One of the solutions is to stop going by car and instead travel by bus, train or bike. That way you will save a lot of money for yourself, because the fuel prices are a lot higher then for example a train ticket. Your car also drops in value every time you drive it. If you stop using your car you will also save the environment and decrease the global warming. 
     Stop using fossil power plants and replace them with renewable energy sources like wind power, solar power and water power. It’s going to be expensive at first but later on it will get cheaper.
  As a private person you can eat more ecologic and locally produced food. The transport route will get shorter and that way our release of carbon dioxide will decrease. You can also take shorter showers and turn of the light to save energy. By doing that you will save money.
  We have to stop traveling by airplanes because they contribute to the global warming. The money it takes to produce and pursuit the airplanes are high and could be used to develop a new technology to travel environmentally friendly for example replace the trains that goes on coal and build trains that goes on electricity instead.

Group number 3, Sweden Andrea, Charlotte, Erik, Isabelle, Linnéa, Sandra

Please be more careful,next time, best regards, Horst Es.gif  Sz DonLopeWiki 20:33, 10 February 2010 (UTC)