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This is the project from Christian, Luuk, Alex and Thomas and it's about wave power. How does it work: The waves go up and down and there are machines that catch the waves and make them into electricity, This is the base of wave power.

More than 70% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans which contain two types of energy.

-mechanical energy from waves and tides

-Thermal energy from solar radiations falling on the ocean's surface making them the world's largest solar collectors


Where can you find plants of this source and why? we can find plants in: UK, Ireland-Canada-Scotland,UK (Scotland),Australia,USA,Belgium,Scotland,Sweden,UK (Scots-Irish),UK (Scottish),Israel,Denmark,Finland. Because the wave power is the easiest energy to do

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Where can it be used?

Can it be used in the Netherlands?

Yes, it can be used in the Netherlands along the coast because the tide is often quite high along the coast.

Is it currently used in the Netherlands?

No, it is currently not used in the Netherlands, but they are busy to develop it, So it will probably be there in the future.

Can it be used in Spain?

Yes, it can also be used in Spain because the waves are pretty high and strong.

Is it currently used in Spain?

Yes, in Spain the cities Sontana and Motrico are using the OWC method, OWC: Oscillating Water Collumns, see: Different methods: OWC

Different methods:

1. OWC: Oscillating Water Collumns: An Oscillating Water Collumn uses a large volume of moving water as a piston in a cyllinder, Air is forced out as a wave rises and fresh air is drawn in as the wave falls. This movement of air turns on a weir turbine at the top of the cyllinder.

2. Pelamis: A long hinged tube lays on the water, the waves go up and down and the hinges go up and down and produce energy, that energy is sent to a plant at the coast.

3. CETO: CETO is a wave energy that converts waves into energy and freshwater.

4. Limpet: The waves go into a hollow container which is open to the sea. This compresses and calms the air column into a collector in a similar way to how a pump works. The power plant "breathes" in and out. The pressure difference is then turned into energy.

5. Oyster Wave Energy Device: The Oyster is a hydro-electric wave energy device that uses the motion of ocean waves to generate electricity.


What is the effect on the environment?: It is a very clean way of getting electricity, because it doesn't release any Carbon Dioxide or some other gas that is bad for the environment. but it is also very bad because the animals can get stuck and get killed in the frames of the turbines and it makes a very lot of noise. are you sure?

It also takes a very lot of space because it is a very big thing it's and like 20 times bigger then a regular man The wave power machine size 3.jpg

So this would take in a lot of space and you can't just place it anywhere. It would also be very dangerous for Ships, Divers and Swimmers.


how does it work? well you have several ways to generate energy with waves one of them, works like a swimming pool reversed device

-in a swimming pool air is blown in and out of the chamber beside the pool , wich maks the water outside bob up and down, causing waves. at wave power station, the waves arriving cause the water in the chamber to rise and fall, wich means that the air is forced in and out of the hole in the top of the chamber. when the waves go down air comes in the chamber and then the waves come and push the air trough the generator then in the generator something turns around just like in an dinamo and that profides energy and when the wave goes down the air goes back in the chamber because of diffusion and the generator works just the same therefor its very nice to produce energy.


-in an oyster wave energy device the action of waves moves the device, pumping hydraulic fluid to a shore station to drive the generator. it goes from left to right all the time so he can produce energy, when the device does that it also needs a bit energy therefor the energy the oyster produces and goed to the shore station their is an electric wire to the oyster to prefend energy so he can move from left to right


where can you find "plants" (=fabrieken)" of this source and why? -Spain -Portugal -England -Scotland -Australia -Finland -United states of America -Belgium -Denmark -Ireland -Sweden -Canada

why? here are t reasons why we use wave energy:

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