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Camilo Luca

- What is the effect on the environment?

Corrosion: Protection of metal constructions can be provided up to 30 years and more.

Pollutants: Wave energy companies use big volumes of hydraulic fluids, which may cause a leak of hydro fluid to the ocean.

Other benefits: Does not have any noise pollution, does not generate solid waste or wastewater, does not have any gaseous or CO2 emissions and is totally clean and pollution free.

Coast damage: It is big,so then spoils the landscape and the beach.


Oscillating water column is a type of energy generator with waves; are devices that generate energy from the rise and fall of water caused by waves in the ocean. As water rises and falls around and inside an OWC, air is displaced by the water in a collecting chamber and pushed back and forth past a Power-Take-Off (PTO) system. The PTO system converts the airflow into energy.